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I spent this past week and a half on island time (I just returned from Puerto Rico!). Basically, that means everything was slow. Preparing to get out of the house, riding public transportation, making plans, literally everything felt exponentially slowed down. The slow pace took time to get used to, but once I released my […]

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This article is contributed by Brooke Foorman, a recent Body & Pole Summer Camper who conducted her Why We Pole video series with campers and instructors at Body & Pole. We love it, so we want to share it! “I began Why We Pole in 2014 because I had just began teaching pole in Lansing, […]

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The Body & Pole studio is filled with a variety of instructors from all different backgrounds. Of course, we want you to become the best pole dancers and aerialists you can be, and sometimes that means exploring other modes of fitness. Jill Carnegie, a B&P studio instructor, nutrition counselor, and Pilates instructor, is hosting two […]

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Summer Camp 2015 just ended and it was beyond incredible. Since camp has concluded we’ve gotten so much feedback from campers that we wanted to share with you! The responses are divided into three primary categories; their most poignant memories, what they’ll miss & what they loved! Thank you Pauline, Nicola, Cassie, Jeana, and Brooke […]

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When we talk about aerial arts, we’re usually talking about pulling techniques – our body, our weight, maybe our hair out (hopefully only during competition season and not all the time!). But that doesn’t make out bodies happy, our bodies crave balance. Over-training our bodies in any one way makes it more prone to injury. […]

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