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Summer Camp at Body & Pole is in full effect, and I’m lucky enough to be an instructor on the roster. The classes that these campers get to take are so dope that even other instructors here at the studio want to partake! I mean, can I please take Power Heels with Sam Star?! The […]

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Who doesn’t love Summer Fridays? (What’s not to love, it’s free classes!) Seeing all of the new faces around the studio takes me back to when I first began pole dancing. I decided to make a handy list for all the newbies finally making the leap! 1. Enjoy the process. You are starting something new! […]

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The intention behind a detox or cleanse is understandable: I’ll do this 5-day cleanse to re-set my system so that I can start eating healthier. And, hey, maybe I’ll quickly lose a couple of pounds in the process. Win-win! There’s one HUGE flaw with the current detox craze – it sparks a cycle of detox-retox. […]

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With Summer Camp right around the corner, we asked past Summer Camp attendees about their favorite classes, best New York memories, and how Summer Camp changed their pole lives! Check out what Jeanie Kay, Mint & Drusilla Ray had to say! Summer Camp Interview: What was the most memorable part of last year’s experience of […]

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